Dear society, what are standards? What are morals?

Does anybody know anymore?

Yes, I am a Christian. No, I’m not going to write an article to solely single out non-Christian morals because that isn’t the kind of person that I am. I believe in gay marriage, I believe in inappropriate comments, and I believe in imperfections. However, with that, I believe in God, I believe in His word and commandments, and I believe in purity. Mix all of that together, and you get me. I will be the first to admit that I am the furthest thing from perfection. I’m known to be pretty mouthy, yet, with my same mouth, I pray to The Lord for forgiveness.

My question is, though, why has society completely disregarded any type of moral or standard? I feel like I could walk into a party completely naked, and only be judged by some girls that I don’t know because, erm, they’re girls. I also feel like I could pray before I eat dinner and be stared at by everyone. Am I the only one that sees an issue here?

On another note, I want to reach out to those that suffer with severe anxiety and/or depression. I want you to know that you are NOT alone. It is SO hard to deal with, I know, but I strongly advise each and every one of you to take a step back and reevaluate the life that you’re living. Who do you surround yourself with? What do you do for YOU? I am guilty of being the most insecure, anxious person, but I have people around me that have shown endless love and support that lifts me higher. Ladies and gentlemen, do NOT let someone else completely define you or your happiness. You are your own person and I am so unconditionally blessed to have my family, my boyfriend’s family, and my boyfriend to remind me of that. Love yourself enough to know what you’re worth. God made you in His likeness. We’re all so lucky.

Anyway, random rants are over. Let’s see what I’ve been doing with hair lately, yeah? :}


Sweetest lady ever came in with her hair untouched since last February! With quite a few inches of outgrowth, we decided to add vertical slices all over and this is how it came out. She’s so beautiful!


The same day I did the vertical slices, I was double booked with this beautiful girl, Katelyn! We’ll color her hair another time, but I cut and layered her beautiful hair. So obsessed!


My mom is so stunning, right? She let me cut about 5.5 inches off (longer in the front, shorter in the back) and I touched up her highlights. She’s my favorite person to highlight because she never has to be toned! Ha, I just love her.


Before and after on my boyfriend’s oldest sister and my dear friend, Riley! Red is the hardest color to get rid of, so it was quite the process! It turned out so lovely, though. I LOVE bling-bling-blondes!


Where my men at? I have found such a passion in men’s cuts (crazy ones, especially). This is my good friend, Danny. He wanted to look like his own version of Peter Pan and, judging by his face, he was extremely happy with his custom haircut.

Book with me! I want to make you feel beautiful!

By the way, Happy November, loves! It’s my birthday month! :}


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