“When we pray, God hears more than we say, He answers more than we ask, He gives more than we imagine, but… in His own time, in His own way! So keep faith!”

I can honestly say that I have learned that being happy is a choice that you have to make. It doesn’t come naturally for most people. It comes from your mind set, your attitude, and the way that you deal. My mom tells me all the time that I have to choose to be happy, as I have anxiety that can be unbearable at times. I never took it too seriously, though, because I felt that having an anxiety disorder was something I couldn’t control. I was wrong. Not only can I control it, but I can look to Jesus to give me a hand and help me. It gets extremely tough, though, as I’m trying to catch my breath and think of the words to say to cry out to Jesus, but it doesn’t matter. Jesus knows my heart, what I’m going through, and what I need to carry on. He knows each and every one of you, too. He knows your struggles, He knows your flaws, He knows your heart inside and out. All you need is to have FAITH that He will help you in the times that you need it, and the times that you don’t. “Sad moments, Call On God. Happy moments, Praise God. Every moment, Thank God.” He will restore your life in any way needed as long as you keep your faith that it will happen in God’s perfect timing. Since I lost a loved one, I not only pray to God, but to my papa as well in the hopes that I will receive a sign that my papa is at peace. I waited and waited and was losing faith that anything will happen. About a week or so ago, I was praying before bed and as I was closing up my prayer I said, “Hi, Papa!” and before I could even say “I love you”, a still, small voice said, “Hi, honey.” I froze. It didn’t sound like my smokers-voice, sickly Papa, though. It sounded like my at peace, healthy Papa. Then, just last night, I had a dream that I was talking to my granny (My Papa’s wife). I don’t remember much of it, but we were at the first house that I ever lived in. I looked behind my granny to see my papa before his hair (Or what was left of it) was gray. It was a brown color and he had a thick mustache. I said, “Granny, didn’t Papa die?” She looked at me and said, “Not really.”

And that was it.

The way I see it is this: maybe it was a sign that he really didn’t die. He is not dead. He is living in Heaven with Jesus, and that is all that I could ever ask for. Ugh, just thinking about it gives me chills. Yes, I miss him terribly. Yes, I wish that he could be here for the holidays coming up. But, yes, I’m glad he doesn’t have to live in this messed up world anymore and, yes, I’m glad that I have an angel looking over me.

On another note, can I brag for a second? No? Oh well. I’m going to anyway.

I just want to say that I am so proud of my boyfriend, David. He has been given the opportunity to have a starting pitching position at West Hills college! That boy has bent over backwards for baseball. He has injured himself a couple of times, but he has gathered the strength to forget about the pain and follow his passion. I’m not going to lie, though, I’ve been pretty bitter toward the fact that he won’t be two minutes away from me. He attended West Hills the whole 2012-2013 school year, so you’d think that I’d be used to the distance by now. Unfortunately, however, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not and I probably never will be, but who am I to EVER stop him from following his heart as I have done with mine? He is the most supportive human being I have ever met, and he deserves the exact same from me. When I decided to attend beauty school, my parents were opposed to it because it’s so much money and they were afraid that my indecisive self was going to change my mind. David, on the other hand, cheered me on and supported my decision. Since then, he has practically drowned me with unconditional love and faith and support and I couldn’t be more thankful to have a boyfriend as great as he is. Sorry, ladies. I’m never going to share him :]


Now, let’s talk BUSINESS.

It’s business… it’s business time! *Flight of the Concords voices.*

I’ve been pretty busy this past week at school with appointments, and I’ve had a blast doing them even though I’ve been sick. That’s what’s so beautiful about the career I’ve chosen. I actually want to get up and do what I love, sick or not, rather than sit on my butt and be lazy. (Don’t get me wrong. I love those days, too.)


I did a beautiful red-blonde ombre’ on my “client of the month” (more like year) Kelsey about a week ago. She came back in this week to have a trim with layers and side fringe (bangs) and some flawless curls. To achieve this beautiful curled look, I used Paul Mitchell’s Marcel iron, but I did not use the clamp. I turned it upside down and wrapped the hair around it like a wand. After I was finished, I sprayed “Hold Me Tight” all over (specifically because her naturally straight hair HATES curls) and brushed out some of the curls to achieve a messier look.


Flawless highlights and style on my girl, Carissa! Before picture on the top left, after pictures everywhere else. Thank you for coming in and supporting me! I gave her a customized foil weave on the top of her head just to fit her personally and hand painted the highlights toward the bottom to create a more random, natural look. I am so pleased with the turn out!


Perms have very, very slowly become one of my favorite things to do. You can never go wrong with some beautiful curls, right? (Unless your hairdresser doesn’t do his or her job properly). She was used to getting a basic perm about four times a year, but my teacher and I talked her into something a little different. I gave her a spiral perm just above her ears so that those little baby hairs didn’t look super springy, and I gave her a curvature perm everywhere else to create a more natural-curled look. She was very pleased, as was I. Plus, she was such a joy to talk to and learn about. Gotta love making friends with clients!


This beautiful mother came in for a highlight and color touch-up. She only wanted the highlights on top, which makes it look like I did a reversed ombre’. I can’t say that I’m too upset with that, though, because she looks beautiful and both she and her hubby were very pleased.



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