Be Jesus wherever you go.

What’s the biggest problem about our world? Simply this: people are so unfathomably self absorbed that they don’t know what’s going on on the outside. There are starving children, broken families, loved ones dying, as well as a million other things. What do we do to help? Most of the time, nothing really. Sometimes we’ll ‘maybe’ donate a dollar to whatever charity the grocery store is collecting for. Now, I’m not blaming everyone. I blame myself as well. I have all of these goals to spread the Word of God to foreign countries, yet what have I done to make it happen? I’ve sat on my butt and done nothing more but think about it. Truth is, however, thinking gets us nowhere but overwhelmed. Especially if you’re me. I can’t wait to get my career started. I just want to show the world the real meaning of Love and Life.

If you couldn’t tell, I love Jesus. And I’m very proud to say so! No, I’m not one of those Christians that’s going to shove it down your throats. I strongly dislike such ignorant people. I’m one of those Christians that doesn’t judge others for not being religious/having different religions, I love and adore gays, I have tattoos and half my head shaved… I’m just different. Therefore, I want people to be comfortable with me. I’m a human being. I will never put myself on a petistal or believe that I am capable of walking on water. I am capable of making mistakes and falling short of whatever I do. If ANYONE wants to talk to me about Jesus or anything for that matter, I’m here. Before I gained an undying love for hair and makeup, I wanted to be a psychologist. I am so intrigued by the human brain. I don’t understand it, but I love it. I want to help.

My passions are hair and makeup. I am a current attendee of Paul Mitchell the School Fresno and I am LOVING it. I graduate in December and intend on using my passions to glorify God and make people feel their absolute best. Right now, however, I am only practicing. If anyone wants to get their hair or makeup done, email me at and we’ll discuss how to make an appointment with me. I love what I do.


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